SEP 27 2018 : Lamor Joined MOIG as a Member

The Management Committee is very delighted to welcome the new member Lamor.

Lamor is committed to oil spill response (OSR), recovery and clean-up operations worldwide. Moreover, the company provides soil and water treatment services globally. The extensive portfolio of products and services also includes industrial applications. The company has sold oil spill response equipment to 120 countries and more than 1,800 vessel mounted systems have been delivered to customers worldwide.

The source of knowledge is experience, and Lamor has over 35 years developed its expertise in oils spill response and recovery, especially in Arctic and offshore operations

Lamor provides expertise coupled with solutions that protect the environment and our ecosystems. Their in-depth knowledge and investment in technologically advanced oil spill response equipment has a proven track record. Its patented and certified solutions guarantee reliable and efficient oil spill recovery operations in any environment. Members of Lamor Response Team (LRT) have acted as on-scene commanders at numerous oil spill incidents and the LRT has extensive managerial knowledge and expertise of oil spill accidents in various environments and weather conditions such as offshore, on land, Arctic and desert climate.

The company has an extensive experience in cooperation with governmental agencies worldwide, e.g. European Union environmental administrations, European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), Russian authorities and ministries, North American authorities and representative agencies, Chinese governmental and maritime departments and Middle Eastern environmental and representative agencies in several countries.

Lamor is ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 compliant and the company has efficiently established, implemented and maintained and operated the Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Management System (QHSE). For more information about Lamor, please visit the website on

Sep 27 2018

SEP 26 2018 : Coordination Meeting

Following to recommendations of the workshop on Tier 2 Oil Spill Response and Coordination organized in 12 July 2018 in Novotel Hotel Tunis in Tunisia, a coordination meeting was held in MOIG Office in 26 September 2018 and gathered representatives from ANPE, Dragon Oil, Eni Tunisia, ETAP, MEDCO Energi, SEREPT and Shell Tunisia Upstream in order to discuss the benefits and disadvantages of the Industry - Funded Oil Spill Response Cooperatives option selected during the last workshop. After several discussions and exchanges of views about the above-mentioned option, it was recommended to select the mutual aid agreement between a group of industry operators option that appears the simplest and least costly solution for coordination.

ETAP will facilitate a meeting in its headquarter with ANPE and O&G companies operating in offshore and shoreline for future assessment and potential implementation of the mutual aid agreement between a group of industry option.

Sep 26 2018