FEB 03 2018 : APO Joined MOIG

03 February 2018, The MOIG Management Committee members are very delighted to welcome the new member Amilcar Petroleum Operations (APO). APO is a 50/50 Joint Venture Company between ETAP (Tunisian National Oil Company) and Shell Tunisia Upstream (STU) created on 06 May 2014 as the Operator of Hasdrubal field. Hasdrubal field is located in Amilcar permit about 100 km from the coast in the Gulf of Gabes in Tunisia produces gas and condensate. The production facilities consist of anunmanned offshore platform, an onshore gas, condensate & LPG processing plant in Sfax and and LPG storage & export terminal in Gabes.

The gas is sold to STEG at APO’s Ben Sahloun metering station whereas the condensate, and LPG (propane & butane) are transported by pipeline respectively toTrapsa (La Skhira) and to APO’sLPG storage & export terminal in Gabes.

APO considers environmental protection as a core value of its business; its operated facilities are certified ISO-14001. It has a Tier 1 response capability package to combat oil spills, composed of offshore boom, skimmer and storage tanks.

The Management Committee would like to thank Amilcar Petroleum Operations (APO) for its confidence in MOIG.

Mar 10 2018

APRIL 24-26 2017 : Annual HSSE Conference 2017

M. Malek Kallel, MOIG Management Committee Member and HSSE Team Leader in SEREPT officially represented MOIG in the 3rd Annual Health, Safety, Security and Environment Conference 2017 held in Ramada Plaza Hotel-Gammarth in Tunis-Tunisia. The event was a great success and gathered more than 70 participants from the active Oil and Gas Industry in Tunisia, National Agency of Environment Protection, Work Safety and Health Institute, engineering firms, services providers. In addition to opening and closing ceremonies, the programme of the conference revolved around nine sessions with more than 30 speakers and experts of National and International reputation from Tunisia, Africa and Europe to discuss many topics related to Health, Safety, Security, Environment, Risk Management and CSR.

M. Malek Kallel was designated by the HSSE Steering Committee to chair and animate the plenary session N°9 related to Testimony and Exchange of Good Practices in Health, Safety, Security and Environment. The MOIG Management Committee Members would like to thank the HSSE 2017 Steering Committee for its confidence in MOIG.

Sep 04 2017