OCT 10-11 2017 : Regional Workshop & Skhira Tier 1 Oil Spill Response Exercise

Under the patronage of Sfax Governorate, a Regional Workshop on Oiled Shoreline Cleanup and Tier 1 Oil Spill Response exercise and Emergency Evacuation Drill code named “Skhira” were jointly organized by the Mediterranean Oil Industry Group (MOIG), the Company of Transport by Pipelines in the Sahara (TRAPSA) and the Centre of Documentation, Research and Experimentation on Accidental Water Pollution (Cedre). The event gathered National and International attention with over 125 personnel from MOIG members, various ministries, local Authorities, agencies, manufacturer, shipping companies and experts : TRAPSA, APO, Dragon Oil, Eni Tunisia, MEDCO Energi, DESMI Ro-Clean, DNO Tunisia, ETAP, NOC, OMV Tunisia, SNDP, SEREPT, Shell Upstream Tunisia, TANKMED, TPS, ZN Energy, ANM, SMTRM,  ministry of National Defence, ministry of Energy & Mines and Renewable Energy, ministry of Local Affairs and Environment, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Finance, National Marine Guard, Border Police, Merchant Marine, ANPE, ANGED, ONPC, GCT and SEPT. To oversee the management of the event, an Exercise Steering Committee (ESC) was formed and composed of representatives from TRAPSA, MOIG and Cedre. The ESC held a series of meetings alternating between the Terminal and Headquarter of TRAPSA to define the exercise scale, scenario, combating strategies, roles and responsibility of each participant, designation of the exercise management and operations to track the development process of the exercise to ensure appropriate and managed integration between participants and thus also the success of the event. 

During the first workshop session, TRAPSA gave a brief introduction on its background and activities, Tier 1 capability, Skhira exercise scenario and strategies for combating the oil spill. MOIG delivered a presentation on its organization framework and methodology developed for evaluation of Skhira exercise. Cedre projected a series of videos presenting its background and main activities.

During the second workshop session, Mr Arnaud Guéna, Cedre Deputy Director performed a training course on Oiled Shoreline Cleanup according to Preparedness for Oil-Polluted Shoreline Cleanup and Oil Wildlife interventions-POSOW Project manual procedures including General principals of Cleanup, Cleanup Techniques, Worksite Organization, waste Management and presentation of the practical exercise.   

The water exercise comprised a full scale oil spill response equipments deployment (400 meters fence boom, skimmer and Floatable Storage Tank) and Mobilization of TRAPSA Marine assets( Shkira Pilotine, Khenaies 1,2,3 boats and Douleb and Mereksen Tugs) provided by 02 response teams onshore and off Shore to contain and recover the oil spilled product. 


At the same time, an emergency evacuation drill was performed by HSE and Medical teams of one injured person from the onshore response team slipped on the jetty during the recovery of fence boom. All the actions were controlled by the exercise incident management team who were located in the Emergency Operations Center at TRAPSA Harbor Muster. 


The oiled shoreline cleanup exercise was performed immediately following the water exercise on the side of the beach by the shoreline cleanup response team assisted by Mr Arnaud Guéna, Expert from Cedre and included shoreline survey, worksite organization, manual collection of debris, high pressure cleanup and effluent recovery, decontamination and equipment re-packaging. 


About 60 delegates from Tunisia and the Mediterranean region positioned in the Emergency Operations Center in TRAPSA Harbor Muster, in the jetty, in Shkira Pilotine, in Douleb tug and in the shoreline observed in real time the first hands and action-packed oil spill exercise, Emergency Evacuation drill and shoreline cleanup Exercise. 

Debriefing was held in TRAPSA Terminal immediately following the shoreline cleanup exercise. The general feedback was highly positive and the participants are to be congratulated for their efforts and professionalism during all exercises stages. The overall average score was 7.92/10. According to the methodology and scoring principals, this score indicates that most objectives were achieved however there is room for some improvements. 

The MOIG Management Committee members would like to thank TRAPSA for their warm welcome, kind hospitality and for mobilizing their resources on personnel and equipments to Skhira exercise, ETAP for sponsoring the workshop as well as Cedre for providing technical support to TRAPSA through the MOIG.

Oct 02 2017

MARCH 14-15 2017 : Regional Workshop on Spill Preparedness and Incident Management

The Regional Workshop on Oil Spill Preparedness and Incident Management was held at the Acropole Hotel in Berges du Lac, Tunis-Tunisia between 14 and 15 March 2017 in cooperation with Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL), MOIG Technical Partner. The workshop was animated by Mr Nick Hazellt Beard, Development Business Manager, Mr Dave Oland North/East/Southern Africa Preparedness Advisor and Mr Liam Harrington-Mission, Geomatics Specialist. The attendees afforded also the opportunity to participate in the Incident Management System 100 Training Course in Arabic animated by Mr Mohamed Samy, Senior Trainer from OSRL Bahrain. The event was a great success and gathered 60 participants from MOIG members, Oil and Gas companies and relevant stakeholders from the Mediterranean region: ETAP, Shell Upstream Tunisia, NOC, SEREPT, ENI Tunisia, NUMHYD, PA RESOURCES, TPS, TRAPSA, SNDP, STIR, MARETAP, MEDCO ENERGI, APO, ANPE, ANGED, OMV Tunisia, VIVO ENERGY, ECUMED, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of National Defence, Ministry of Interior and OMMP.

The key objectives of this workshop were to gain from OSRL international experience on oil Spill preparedness and response management, enhance oil spill preparedness for Oil and Gas Industry and other relevant stockholders from the Mediterranean region and strengthen ability to prepare for and respond safely and effectively to oil spill Incidents. This event provided the opportunity to all attendees to become more familiar with the concept of oil spill preparedness, oil spill modeling and understanding of how managing oil spill incidents.

At the beginning of workshop, Mr Yassine Mestiri, former ETAP Deputy General Manager and ETAP representative in MOIG Management Committee received a special award from the MOIG Management Committee Members of for all his efforts and support to MOIG over the past years.

At the end of the event, participants were presented with IMS 100 Training Course Certificates and the MOIG Chairman Mr Mahmoud Kamour recognized and thanked OSRL representatives for their technical support and high quality of training course IMS 100 provided contributing in the success of this workshop.

Mar 16 2017