FEB 28 2018 : Participation to UTIQUE Exercise

MOIG was invited as evaluator by OMMP-Bizerte and STIR to UTIQUE Exercise performed in Bizerte city in Tunisia under the auspices of Transport Ministry. The exercise was organized under jointly by OMMP-Bizerte and STIR assisted by the Civil Protection (ONPC), Security Forces from the Ministries of National Defence and Interior.

The selected exercise scenario included Safety, Security and Environment Protection aspects and consists of simulating a terrorist act on board of tanker ship berthed at STIR A jetty oil terminal followed by a fire on board in the forecastle and accidental oil spill (Crude oil) estimated at about 10 m3.

The exercise covered the following operations: Alert, area evacuation, establishment of crisis unit and Emergency Operation Center, first investigation by security forces, explosion causing a fire on board and oil spill into the sea, evacuation of injury and casualty, fire fighting and oil spill response. An Emergency Operations Center was established at the Marina CAP 3000 in order to coordinate UTIQUE exercise. The crisis unit was composed of representatives from OMMP-Bizerte, STIR, Bizerte Governorate, ONPC, National Marine and Ministry of Interior.

The Oil spill response comprised a full scale oil spill response equipment deployment of STIR and OMMP such as: fence and inflatable booms, skimmers and fastanks from STIR Jetty and Joumine tug. At the same time, emergency evacuation drills of victims and injured persons were performed by ONPC and STIR from the Oil Tanker, jetty and Joumine tug. An advance medical posts and ambulances from ONPC, STIR and Ministry of Health were positioned in the Marina CAP 3000 and STIR jetty to provide first aid.

A great number of Delegates from Tunisia, USA, France and UK embassies based in Tunisia observed in real time from CAP Marina 3000, Joumine tug and STIR Jetty the first hands of actions packed of Security, Safety, Oil Spill Response and Emergency Evacuation drills. The general feedback was highly positive and participants are to be congratulated for their efforts and professionalism throughout all conducted operations.

UTIQUE exercise is a good example of successful cooperation and coordination between local authorities and oil and gas industry by working together and sharing expertise and resources, thus clearly demonstrating the ability to deal with large and complex incidents.

The MOIG Management Committee Members would like to thank both OMMP-Bizerte and STIR for their kind invitation and warm welcome.