Following to recommendations of the workshop on Tier 2 Oil Spill Response and Coordination organized in 12 July 2018 in Novotel Hotel Tunis in Tunisia, a coordination meeting was held in MOIG Office in 26 September 2018 and gathered representatives from ANPE, Dragon Oil, Eni Tunisia, ETAP, MEDCO Energi, SEREPT and Shell Tunisia Upstream in order to discuss the benefits and disadvantages of the Industry - Funded Oil Spill Response Cooperatives option selected during the last workshop. After several discussions and exchanges of views about the above-mentioned option, it was recommended to select the mutual aid agreement between a group of industry operators option that appears the simplest and least costly solution for coordination.

ETAP will facilitate a meeting in its headquarter with ANPE and O&G companies operating in offshore and shoreline for future assessment and potential implementation of the mutual aid agreement between a group of industry option.