MARCH 16-17 2018 : Participation to 40 Anniversary of Amoco Cadiz

The MOIG Director was invited by the Centre of Documentation, Research and Experimentation on Accidental Water Pollution (Cedre); Technical Partner of MOIG; to the 40 Anniversary of AMOCO CADIZ that took place in Oceanopolis and Cedre Site in Brest-France. This event was placed under the signs of “40 Years of Developments” and “On the Road of AMOCO CADIZ” and opened by M. Francois Cuillandre, President of Cedre.

The event gathered relevant stakeholders involved in case of oil spill incidents, International Organizations, Environmental Associations, Scientific Institutions and Local Communities such us: the Secretariat General for the Sea, National Marine, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Environment, Directorate General of Security and Crisis Management, Directorate of Maritime Affairs, Harbor Authorities, Frensh Shipowners, OMI, ITOPF, Vigipol, LPO and INERIS.

The first day event was held in the Oceanopolis and included four panel sessions focusing on topics relating to “Prevention in Maritime Transport”, “Preparedness, a Key Element in Response”, “Ecological Impacts of Marine Pollution” and “Restoration : Example of Local Authorities Representatives”.  

The Second day event was held in Cedre site and comprised Conferences-Debates on “Show, Describe and Predict the Ocean”, “Impacts of Brittany Oil Spills on the Monitoring of Marine Environment and Knowledge of Ecosystems” and “Highlights of Cedre Activities.

During this event, we had the opportunity to make a tour through Cedre facilities visiting four stands and meeting with Cedre experts, who explained the techniques applied for identification of pollutants, response on water, shoreline cleanup and post-pollution. We afforded also the opportunity to see a shoreline Cleanup live demonstration.

We were honoured to participate in that event and very impressed both by the high level of organization and quality of discussions and experience exchange.

The MOIG Management Committee would like to thank Cedre for their kind invitation and warm welcome during this visit.