MAY 23 2018 : CASTALIA Joined MOIG as Technical Partner

The Management Committee is very delighted to welcome the new technical partner, CASTALIA, Italian Marine Ecology Company.


CASTALIA was established in the 1987 as a private company, has been under contract to the Italian Ministry of the Environment to provide antipollution services to safeguard the Italian coastline and adjacent waters with particular attention to Marine Protected Areas.


For 30 years, Castalia has been at work in Italy and abroad in the field of maritime activities and safeguarding the marine environment: antipollution, remediation of waters, seabed and coasts, recovery of toxic and harmful substances from the seabed, submarine surveys and environmental monitoring, education and environmental awareness-raising, protection of the marine flora and fauna, research and development of new technologies as well as antipollution systems. In 1991 it became a consortium with the participation of 34 share-holders: the main Italian ship owners who operate around the world in various fields.


The owners of Castalia manage over 200 vessels/boats and capable of mobilizing substantial resources including highly trained personnel throughout the world; due to the nature of the Consortium, Castalia is also able to make available tugs, offshore and survey vessels, barges, tankers, ROVs, booms and skimmers around the world.


The consortium has gained invaluable expertise in dealing with antipollution operations at sea: wreck removal, toxic waste recovery from the seabed. The Consortium has also participated in archaeological researches and underwater surveys for commercial activities such as cable/pipe laying and seabed mapping for both power and telecommunications. When "COSTA CONCORDIA" grounded on Giglio on 11th January 2012 Castalia responded within hours. Experienced technical staffs together with 5 vessels were deployed. The team ensured that no pollution from the stricken vessel could reach the coast through the positioning of floating booms around the site. In addition to the above mentioned activities, Castalia in cooperation with the main Italian universities has been involved in natural underwater surveys providing vessels and equipment.


Due to the specific field of work Castalia is also specialized in the definition of EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) as well as in the draw-up and management of environmental emergency response plans.


With regard to the research and development Castalia:


ü  SEASWEEPERS for the collection of plastic from rivers and sea;

ü  E-MOORING for a sustainable Management of Nautical tourism.


MOIG will benefit through CASTALIA accession the technical support in the form of technical assistance, knowledge transfer and capacity building on oil spill preparedness and response and receipt of CASTALIA newsletters. The Management Committee would like to thank CASTALIA for joining MOIG as a technical partner. For more information about CASTALIA, please visit the website on