JULY 12 2018 : National Workshop on Tier 2 Spill Response and Coordination

The National Workshop on Tier 2 Oil Spill Response and Coordination was held in NOVOTEL Hotel Tunis-Tunisia. The main objectives of this event were to ensure the understanding of the regulatory structure for spill preparedness and response in Tunisia, to define the current situation of Tier 2 spill response and to select the suitable option for Tier 2 response in the future. This workshop gathered 37 participants from Tunisian Government and Oil and Gas Industry: ANPE, APO, Dragon Oil, Eni Tunisia, ETAP, National Marine, Medco Energi, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Transport, ONPC, SEREPT, Shell’s OSEC, Shell Tunisia Upstream, SNDP, TOPIC, TRAPSA and TPS to exchange information, experience and expertise on oil spill preparedness, response and coordination.

During this workshop, participants had the opportunities to get an overview of the National Spill Contingency Plan for combating accidental marine pollution, Lessons learned of Zarzis and Bizerte Tier 2 Spill Response Exercises related to coordination, TPS experience on Oil Spill Response in shallow water, Importance of an  Emergency and Crisis Command Center in Managing Major Offshore Pollution-SEREPT Command Center, Eni Tunisia Oil Spill Response Plan and Capability, Shell Tunisia Upstream Response Capability. In addition, options for Tier 2 spill response coordination were discussed and assessed with an aim to agree a way forward for improved preparedness and response in the future.

We are very delighted with the outcome of this workshop, participants expressed a range of views regarding preparedness, response and coordination. It was agreed to select one Tier 2 response option and create a working group composed of representatives from Government and Oil and Gas Industry to further discuss in depth the benefits and disadvantages of the selected option and put an action plan in place. The MOIG Management Committee would like to thank all attendees for their active participation and speakers for their valuable presentations contributing in the success of this event.